About us

Expert support for employers and trustees, plus employees and individuals

Gemmells delivers actuarial, investment, pensions and employee benefits support and consultancy to the trustees of pension schemes, as well as to employers.

We also offer individual financial and investment management advice, which includes pension and retirement planning, life assurance and income protection.

Having identified that there was a need in the professional services market for good value, high quality, employee benefits advice and tailored pensions support, we launched Gemmell Financial Services Limited in St Albans, just north of London, in January 2007.

The company was founded by Clair and John Gemmell.  They are both actuaries, each with over twenty-five years of experience within major financial institutions and employee benefits consultancies.

Since the company’s launch, our team has grown steadily, with the vast majority of our people holding professional qualifications.  These include highly qualified chartered financial and investment management advisers, actuaries, accountancy and tax experts, administrators, risk-market specialists, communications and support staff.

Our service is underpinned by our expertise, professionalism, reliability and strong internal controls.  We also pride ourselves on our attention to quality and detail.  All of our clients enjoy the personal and tailored attention of the directors of our business, alongside the support from our expert and professional staff.

Our personal approach means we can retain the flexibility and creativity to develop fresh solutions to complex challenges and our clients’ changing needs. We always utilise the full range of skills available from our team when creating innovative solutions, ensuring that our clients benefit from a comprehensive and thorough service.

As a result of our service ethos, our growth has been driven by long-term client relationships and referrals by our existing clients, demonstrating that we provide a high quality service which exceeds our clients’ expectations.

To find out how you, or your organisation, can benefit from our pensions consulting and support services, please contact us.

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  • Good value, high quality and tailored actuarial, investment, and financial planning solutions.


    Corporate responsibility

    We believe that our business should make a positive impact on a broad set of stakeholders.  As a result, we are committed to consider social and environmental issues and impacts, alongside our economic performance.

    We have developed a corporate responsibility policy that has four principal components:

    1. Our marketplace

    • Our top priority is to attain and maintain client service levels that exceed expectations
    • This objective can only be met through the quality of our team, attention to detail in our work and rigorous review processes
    • We share our knowledge and expertise with others in our industry, contributing to policy development and shared practices through representation on external professional groups such as the Association of Consulting Actuaries Smaller Firms.


    2. Our workplace

    • Our objective is to offer new and challenging opportunities for our team to develop their skills and knowledge
    • Our friendly and supportive culture enables flexible and remote working for staff with caring responsibilities
    • We hold regular team and training meetings, sharing information and discussing new ideas.


    3. Our community

    • We actively foster fundraising activities by our team for the benefit of local charities
    • We aim to use local independent suppliers, where possible.


    4. The environment

    • We minimise the carbon footprint of our business through implementing a range of policies
    • Our journeys are typically limited to client visits that are generally made via public transport
    • We monitor energy consumption in our office, and have implemented initiatives to reduce it, through training and awareness
    • Our paper is responsibly resourced, with waste paper shredded and recycled; the offices feature a dedicated recycling area for cardboard, cans and plastics
    • We have a policy of investing in high quality furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment that have a long operational lifetime
    • Following the secure removal of data, all of our electrical equipment is recycled or disposed of responsibly.


    If you would like to find out more about our corporate responsibility strategy and initiatives please contact us.

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  • Gemmells enthusiastically embraces an ethical approach to business, people and the environment.


    For more information, please call us on 01727 790800

    If you would like to be contacted by email please send this to enquiries@gemmells.co.uk