Corporate Services

Trustees and Employers:

To assist you with the smooth running of your pension and other employee benefits schemes, Gemmells delivers full service actuarial, investment consultancy, risk management and administration services to trustees and employer organisations, offering you:

  • A comprehensive service, so you only need to choose one firm to meet all your needs, giving you more time to spend on other matters
  • Better informed decision-making, because we take the time to translate complex issues into plain-speaking business language
  • Timely and accurate advice on emerging and ongoing issues, such as pension auto-enrolment and new risk management solutions
  • Improved member, employee and pensioner satisfaction, as a result of our high quality and responsive administration service with attention to detail and getting things right
  • Enhanced employee engagement through our internal communications campaigns, designed to highlight to your employees the real value of the benefits they enjoy
  • Potential cost savings, arising through a combination of our improved value services and creative and efficient solutions
  • Improved terms and costs from third party providers, through our re-brokering services and strong relationships with financial institutions.
Services for Trustees
  • Gemmells provide full service support for pension scheme trustees, enabling you to   make well informed decisions, improve your members’ experience and fulfil all aspects of your role.  Our blend of a highly-qualified professional team, client focused creative solutions, top quality consulting and administration services, with attention to detail, ensures expert management of your pension and employee benefit schemes.  Our services for trustees include:
    • Actuarial and consultancy advice from our Scheme Actuaries, including funding advice, monitoring of scheme funding levels and pre-agreed trigger points.
    • Advice on de-risking strategies, scheme mergers, certification of employer debts.
    • Investment advice from chartered investment professionals, including advice on strategy and selection of fund managers.
    • Full range of support services including preparation of annual trustee reports and accounts, as well as operating, with full consultancy support, pensioner payrolls and treasury services.
    • Assistance with meetings including full secretarial support, bespoke training, plus advice and support on governance.
    • Production of user friendly, easy to understand, information for members, from individual statements about their benefits to scheme wide communication.
    Services for Employers
  • Gemmells can work and integrate seamlessly with existing human resources, pension and payroll staff, and you can outsource to us your pensions and employee benefits management in part or in its entirety.  Our services for employers include:
    • Advice and consultancy support to help employers design, implement and maintain their employee benefit arrangements.
    • Establishing group pension, salary sacrifice and risk benefit schemes with ongoing administration and consultancy support.
    • Support to help employers manage the costs of running their scheme(s) including helping to identify, then manage, reduce or remove, the risks associated with running their scheme including effective management of PPF levies.
    • Advice in preparing figures for corporate accounting disclosures and employer assistance in scheme funding and other negotiations with trustees, such as scheme factors.
    • Support to help employers stay current with legislative and statutory requirements, including auto-enrolment responsibilities.
    • Creating and implementing effective employee engagement and communications, where we help your staff to understand the value of the benefits you offer.


    To find out more about how trustees and employers can benefit from our actuarial, investment and administration services, please contact us.

    “A highly qualified professional team offering client-focused creative solutions, top quality administration and attention to detail.”

    We are completely independent and work on a fee paying basis.


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