Individual Financial Planning

Financial planning for employees and individuals

To help you achieve your financial goals, we provide independent financial and investment advice and planning for your:

  • Investments and savings
  • Pension and retirement
  • Life assurance, income protection and healthcare.

Our highly qualified professional advisers will carefully assess and understand your personal circumstances and financial requirements so that we can develop an investment, retirement or protection plan designed to meet your financial objectives.  We will then create your personal financial solution, with ongoing services that include regular reviews of your circumstances and valuations of your investments, to help keep your financial goals on track.

Your investments and savings

To ensure your investment plans are tailored to the levels of risk that you are comfortable with and your financial objectives, we take a ‘whole-of-market’ approach to identifying your optimum portfolio.

To create an investment portfolio designed to meet your objectives, we carefully assess the current market environment and the future outlook for financial markets and economies.  We also use our extensive research into different investment houses and specialist knowledge of the investment processes used by individual managers.

We then apply our whole-of-market software to analyse not just historical performance information of investment funds, but also various key performance ratios. These include ‘Alpha’ and ‘Sharpe’, which measure how much value the fund manager has added against their benchmark and whether investors have benefitted from the risk that the manager has taken.

Your pension and retirement planning

If you need help with decisions about your employers pension scheme, or wish to develop and manage your own personal pension, we offer pension and retirement planning services.  These will help you to understand your current financial expectations on retirement, as well as how changing the level of current contributions and/or your chosen investment strategy is likely to impact on these expectations.

We will review your financial circumstances, including assessing the value of any existing pension arrangements you may have, and will recommend the scheme provider best suited to your needs.

Our actuaries and highly qualified financial advisers can advise on specialist pensions, such as self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs), and we also assist company directors to create bespoke highly tax efficient company funded pension schemes.

Your life assurance, income protection and healthcare

So that your family will be financially secure in the event of your untimely death, critical illness, disablement, and wider healthcare needs, we provide advice on the most suitable life assurance, income protection and healthcare plans, given your financial circumstance and objectives.

To find out how you can benefit from our investment, pensions and financial protection solutions, please contact us.


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